Patrice M. Foster's platform focuses extensively on child and teen mental health, presenting vital information on various aspects of this subject matter. Her website covers topics from teenage depression, stress recognition to suggested coping strategies. Notably, one point that she emphasizes is that teenagers should not have to deal with their distress alone.

Her piece titled Positive Emotions and Thoughts Comfort Your Frantic Teen, published on September 15, 2023, encourages early adoption of positive coping skills for teenagers to better handle adult stress. Another of her works published on August 10, 2023, titled Ten Signs of Stress and Adolescent Depression Among Girls, highlights the importance of recognizing the symptoms of stress in teenagers. The post Can New Play help Teen dealing with depression? from July 5, 2023, explores different coping mechanisms, suggesting new and engaging play activities as a potential solution.

Patrice M. Foster also publishes under the category of 'nursing posts'. For instance, there's Halloween Healing Activities That Are Painless for Your Teen, dated October 24, 2022, where she advocates for age-appropriate activities that can engage the whole family. In another article titled Depression Stigma let's talk more don't worry Parents, published on October 15, 2022, she pushes for an open conversation around mental health issues, arguing that stigma leads to isolation.

The article Disregarding Depression Doesn't Help Your Child, published on September 8, 2022, discusses the role of professional help in dealing with teenage depression. Foster highlights that ignoring the signs of depression is not beneficial for the child's wellbeing. This demonstrates her commitment to increasing awareness and education about child and adolescent mental health issues.

Throughout her work, Foster consistently provides valuable resources and insights to aid parents in understanding and responding to their child's mental health needs. Her clear and direct approach ensures that the content is accessible and relatable for her readers.

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