Marketing for Kids and Teens Directories Websites

As a kid or teenager today, you have many things demanding your time and energy. School, work, friends, sports, and other extracurricular activities press on you from all sides, requiring of you many responsibilities and deadlines. Sometimes, you may need to get specific information for something such as homework or a project, or you may need ideas for a social gathering or a fund-raiser. Sometimes, you'll want to connect with other people your age and learn of their experiences and lives. Sometimes, you'll need an easy way to find dates, phone numbers, or addresses.

Whatever the need may be, directories, whether online or not, can be very helpful for a kid or teenager. It is frustrating when one has to waste an extended amount of time searching for the necessary information when there are other things needing to be done. Having a directory, such as this one, compiles information in one central location to ease the searching process for the user. Kids and teens will find directories such as this to be helpful in that they will only need to stop by one source to find what they need.

In addition to that, kids and teens directories are useful whenever you are searching for answers to one of your questions regardless of its nature or you just want to keep in touch with other teens. These directories can provide you links to discussion boards where you can talk with other kids of your age, share hobbies or passions and discuss about games or movies that you like. This is only one of the many uses of the web directories for teens and kids.

Gadgets, new games and movies appear daily and this is why it is important to keep up with the evolution when it comes to this side. There are sites all over the Internet from where you can order them online, but instead of searching for these particular sites you could choose a web directory such as, go to the kids & teens category and then choose the subcategory that meets your needs. Many people use web directories in order to find whatever they are searching for.

If you are a teenager and you have your own blog where you share emotions and thoughts with other kids of your age and you would like to make your web page more popular, submitting it to a web directory that deals with kids and teens is the right place to do it.

Kid and teen directories will have a variety of different search options, whether they want to look for something related to their next big birthday bash or a final school presentation. Use these helpful directories to grab ideas, glean information, study for tests, meet people, find a recipe, locate directions, plan an event, or generally enrich your life. Another great thing about directories for kids and teens is that often they keep the user in one place to provide protection from all of the other junk out there. Here, the kid or teenager will be able to safely browse through everything from games to homework, from art to health, without needing to worry that they are crossing boundaries. And, they will walk away with the information they needed in a good amount of time!


    Child-friendly directory that contains different fields of interest for children. There are categories for games, cartoons and other popular TV shows and movies that are aimed at a child audience.

  • Bob's Place of Educational Links
    Educational directory for children, parents and teachers. Research, study and learning resources are displayed in categories from all educational fields.

  • Ducksters
    Sports, fun, games and study directory for kids of all ages. Here they can get the latest kids news and help with homework assignments, as well as sport-related lists of websites.

  • Eggys World
    A directory for kids with educational, toddler, animals, painting, sports and science links. Also features Eggy's Games - online games for kids.

  • John Thurlow's Children's Sites
    Directory which includes categories for kids such as reading, writing, holiday, games and art. Educational resources for parents and teachers are also available.

  • Kid-Friendly Search
    Search engine and directory for children. Safety measures are implemented in order to assure parents and guardians that their kids won't stumble upon unwanted content and that the search results are kid-friendly.

  • Kids-Korner
    Kid directory. It features a top website list, along with links to online games and educational links. There are also categories focused on animals, general entertainment and travel links.

  • KidSites
    Educational, Fun Stuff and Grownup categories in this kid directory. Children can find educational resources websites and online game websites, while parents and teachers can get information about online child safety and teaching or parenting resources.

  • Teen Scene
    Directory focused on online teen life. It focuses on games, music and pen pals. Information about colleges and organizations which teens can join is also found.

  • Top 20 Kids
    Mostly educational, art and nature driven directory for kids of all ages. Also includes a safe search engine for kids in all domains of interest to them.

  • Vision Tech Camps
    A Bay Area company offering summer computer camps and after-school activities, teaching students between the ages of 7-17 at Vision Tech centers and local schools throughout the Bay Area.

  • Vision Tech Camps
    Coding camps that help students learn to code in a fun and effective manner. In the Computer programming with Java summer coding camp, students get a good foundation in the Java language through hands-on fun projects.

  • Whatta Blast!
    Interactive website which includes online resources for students searching for help with homework. Pupils can also search for entertainment, health info and news sources as well.