ZUI Official Website is an online platform that serves as a source of the latest information, user feedback, and usage techniques. The platform is primarily dominated by the presence of ZUI 15, an offering that appears to be adaptable to a variety of devices, as indicated by the numerous upcoming compatibility plans. These plans include numerous Pad Pro editions and a variety of Legion mobile stations.

The platform is also designed to foster creativity and effectiveness. With features offering a more expansive view, users can customize layouts and use applications with greater ease and convenience. This is evident in the platform's new desktop interface, equipped with an 8x6 layout to accommodate more applications and modules.

The taskbar on ZUI has been designed to enhance productivity further. It presents an application resource library, eliminating the need to return to the desktop to access all installed applications. Moreover, multitasking is quite seamless on the platform. Users can divide the screen, drag and drop icons from the taskbar or resource library onto it, and display up to four applications on the same screen. These add-ons greatly simplify the process of managing multiple tasks on a single screen.

The platform also allows customizable, effective workflows, with capabilities to add split-screen combinations and floating windows that can display up to ten applications simultaneously. This helps in maintaining an organized and efficient workspace.

However, some applications on ZUI Official Website only partially support ratio adjustments for floating windows. The adaptability, layout customization, and parallel window ratio are currently in the process of being fully compatible with all applications.

In conclusion, ZUI Official Website, predominantly featuring ZUI 15, is an effective and user-friendly platform. It offers increased productivity and task management through its compatibility plans, customizable layouts, and efficient multitasking features. As more applications begin to fully support all the customizations and enhancements, users can expect an even more streamlined experience in the future.