Marketing for Computers Websites

Our lives today would simply not be complete without the modern technology of the computer. Computers are the bottom line foundation of practically everything we do these days, and seems even more important for today's kids and teenagers. If you're part of this generation, you probably have a personal laptop or are extremely familiar with all of the modern gadgets and programs. If you're a parent of this generation, you're most popular command may be "time to get off the computer!"

Computers are very helpful for a variety of reasons. With the massive number of programs available, kids and teens can write papers, work on school reports, and make power point presentations in a much more efficient manner. Beside the traditional office programs, students have the ability to research and study through the use of the Internet as well as communicate with teachers, employers, or other important connections through the use of networking sites and email.

Outside of educational purposes, kids and teens are given the opportunity to learn about almost anything they want, watch videos of everything imaginable, keep up with their favorite celebrities as well as their best buds, and keep the world posted on their life also! It is no wonder parents are always needing to remove their kid or teen from the computer, for this generation's life is on the screen!

Moreover, besides the fact that computers can turn out to be very efficient every time kids or teenagers need to browse for something on the Internet, there are games and applications that help them release stress and also develop some of their skills such as accuracy or agility. Although computers are very useful, sometimes they can have "side effects" when the kid forgets about homework or school, therefore parents will interfere.

Since computers have become more accessible, everybody can have access to them and children are being able to access the Internet since a very young age. On one hand, this is a good thing because in a few years` time technology will advance even more and new gadgets will be available to the market due to these youngsters that are fond of computers, but on the other hand spending too much time in front of the computer can have undesired effects in time such as spine or eye problems.

Whether you are looking for a new computer, some computer devices such as scanners, printers, joysticks or speakers or you just want to talk with other parents about computers and children, can provide you the necessary information in a very easy and fast manner, instead of browsing on the Internet.

This web directory will be helpful for kids and teens by offering resources on how to use the computer, with its various programs, functions, and availabilities. Though much of today's generation seems to have come programmed with knowing how to use computers, it is always helpful to have a good place to glean information to better care for and use this wonderful technology. The information will enable kid and teen users to be entirely familiar with how computers and the programs work as well as to gain experience for the years to come.


  • AT&T Internet Safety Connections Game
    An online game provided by AT&T which aims at teaching children about internet safety. The educational value should provide kids with a basic understanding of what and how to avoid unwanted content.

  • CyberNetrix
    A portal through which kids can learn the dangers of the internet and on the mobile platforms. There are interactive learning lessons, tips, tricks and advice from experts directed at kids who wish to learn how to protect themselves.

  • Cybersmart
    Resource for children and parents who wish to browse the internet safely. There is a lot of practical advice about what to avoid and how to do so in a safe environment.

  • Paws Explore
    Using Google's SafeSearch, Paws Explore offers kids a safe internet search option. The SafeSearch feature is pushed on each and every search, making it less likely for your kid to stumble upon unwanted content.

  • Roar Educate
    For kids up until K-10, the website offers games and educational resources aimed at pushing a child-safe internet experience. There are also resources for parents which they can study.

  • Safe Search for Kids
    Google-powered SafeSearch for kids. The results displayed are filtered by SafeSearch and there are no images displayed within the search results, thus limiting exposure to potentially harmful results.

  • The Kim Komando Radio Show
    Official page of the Kim Komando Radio Show in which she talks about personal computer use and safe internet browsing, with a targeted audience of parents and kids. It also contains a set of 10 commandments which kids and parents need to learn in order to safely browse the internet.

  • ZooBuh!
    Child-friendly and safe email. Parents have full-featured parental controls that allow them to manage their kid's account and closely monitor from everywhere everything that happens.

  • Zui
    Free online game, videos and other entertainment resources for kids. All the content present on the website is child-friendly. Also contains YouTube videos for kids.