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  • Museum of Kids Art
    Houses a whole gallery of art done by minors, some of them paintings, some of them sculpture.

  • Albright-Knox Artgames
    Offers kids the possibilities to experience artworks in an interactive, virtual environment and play diverse educational games with the intention of teaching them about art.

  • Art Projects for Kids
    Kids can learn to create artworks inspired by the masters;

  • Colors of India
    Kids can learn here about the arts in India. Furthermore, there is a page that lets kids and adults alike learn new types of calligraphy.

  • Crayola
    Online shop for crayons, markers and other coloring and drawing instruments for kids. There are also a lot of interactive resources like games and coloring books available.

  • Creative Art Space for Kids Foundation
    Kids can find a lot of resources on the website pertaining to all art-related stuff. Exhibitions from kids are presented, along with options to enroll in art classes at the foundation.

  • Drawing Lessons's page on drawing lessons for kids. Basics are covered extensively through articles and discussions related to drawing.

  • Express Yourself 101
    Website dedicated to writers and illustrators of children stories and fairy tales. Children can meet the people behind their favorite stories.

  • Funology
    Virtual art portal designed especially for kids. Here they can play games, engage in trivia and find out numerous art-related news and information. There's also a list of jokes which will keep kids entertained.

  • Get to Know
    Contest-based website which asks kids to go and explore nature - weather in a wild zone or in an organized environment and create art projects based on it. Artworks include: paintings, photography and writing.

  • Kid Printables
    Website that offers parents a whole array of printable images which children can then color. Online games, puzzles and other interactive features are available as well.

  • Kids Art
    Supplying art teaching material to both parents and teachers since 1986. Among other things, they provide lessons for children, of which one teaches how to imitate the works of historical artists.

  • Kids on the Net
    Comprehensive portal for all things related to kids writing. Children can submit their own stories or read stories submitted by others. Jokes, news and How To articles on writing also available.

  • KidsArt Fine Art Classes
    Teaches fine art techniques to people age four to adult. Studios are located all over California and in the Seattle area; and they have summer camps, too.

  • Mark Kistler's Imagination Station
    An educational website dedicated to teach kids how to create 3D drawings and representations. Tutorials, summer camps and webcast lessons are available for all those interested.

  • National Gallery of Canada
    The National Gallery of Canada's official website. Includes the Artissimo section dedicated to kids which can play educational games and see artwork created and developed at the Artissimo kiosk within the actual gallery.

  • Notebook
    Learning portal for art newcomers. Here they will learn about the basics behind visual arts. References and general information provided on the website.

  • One Picture a Day
    A blog dedicated to post at least one picture every day. The images are meant to inspire aspiring photographers to dedicate more time and pay more attention to this form of art.

  • Scholastic
    Resource for people interested in getting their kids engaged in writing. There is plenty of information for families, parents and kids in this direction on the website.

    Summer Arts Camps for Teens dedicated to film, acting, dance and photography teaching. Details about their program and opportunities, along with registration procedures can be found on the website.

  • Teen Voices
    Provides girls with the opportunity to voice their opinions. Using all media opportunities, girls are given the chance to influence social change in the world.

  • Tikatok
    An online publishing website that allows kids to present and distribute their works. They can send literary works and illustrations they have made which will be published for free on the website.

  • Women Artists in Canada
    Information resource for women artists in Canada. It provides very crucial information for those who are interested, especially for girls looking to become artists themselves.

  • Write4Fun
    Targeted at USA and Australia students, the website offers poetry and short story competitions for kids. Constant updates are offered so kids will know when and what to post in order to participate.

  • Writing Circle
    A website where children can read other children's stories or even submit their own. Aside from that, it's a news portal and a joke portal for kids.

  • YMA Digital Photography
    Young Musicians and Artists page dedicated to photography teaching. From the 6th to the 12th grade, students can enroll for courses which will teach them about exposure, composition and printing photographs.

  • Young Artists Workshops - Main Media
    Educational community dedicated to help high school students step into the world of arts. Information about their projects, admission and galleries is found on the website.

  • Young Poets
    Resource for kids ages 7-18 where they can add their own poetry works. Also provided are online games, links to other literature works and cartoon reviews.

  • Young Writers Online
    Forum-based website for young writers. Here they can share their works and let others rate and review them. The point is to expand their craft and their writing aptitudes.

Art is a vital part of modern society as a way to express oneself through many mediums. Whether your art form takes its shape through pencils and charcoal or clay and glue, or even something more dramatic as aluminum foil and wires, this web directory will allow you a place to enhance your discovery of art.

Though art is often remembered merely as glue, construction paper, and finger paints in our younger years, art is something wonderful with which kids and teens can delve into their creative selves, explore many mediums, and play. You, as a kid or teen, can play with colors, ideas, and textures to create something unique. Art will be a source through which you can learn, dream, and discover more about yourself and the world around you.

Art is not only craft projects or murals, but anything to which we pour our creative self into. Use this directory to gain helpful insights, creative ideas, and inspiring information for your artistic self whether you create with words, paint, fabric, or anything else.

Art knows no boundaries, therefore art is universal and everybody can be an artist regardless of the gender, ethnicity or religion. Besides talent and inspiration, it also takes courage and ambition in order to succeed in the art area, you have to be smart and courageous enough to come up with new, outrageous ideas in order to get a positive attitude from the public. Teens and children are particularly fond of art, some of the love to sing or paint while others love to play the violin.

Art is something that the parents should encourage, especially if their kids have talent. It is not easy to create pieces of art, and this is why the people that manage to do so are very few. It often happens for the kids and teens that have an inclination towards art to have difficulties in showing their emotions or communicating, and this is why they aim to express their inner feelings through what they like best, whether we are talking about a touchy song or an impressive painting.

Since the 20th century, people found a difficulty in expressing what art is and what areas does it include. Nowadays this is even harder to define because more and more talents appear and it is hard to classify all of these values. You can have what it needs in order to be an artist since birth, while other talents can be achieved throughout time with lots of practice. Web directories such as help you figure out which art field suits you best, and you can also find in here sites from where you can buy the necessary tools or equipment.

As a kid or teenager today, you have the opportunity to pursue art often more than past generations. Special art classes through your school or other community places help nurture artistic talent and teach those with artistic desire. Local classes, art ideas, suggestions, instructions, and tips may be a few of the things you will find in this directory to pursue your love of art and the desire to learn more. Consider even the fact that in a few years you may be able to pursue art further by attending an art school! These kid and teen years will be an excellent building block for your creative self as you test out all the different avenues of art.

Remember to have to fun, take risks, and be creative!