Rackspace Technology is a provider of multicloud solutions. The company enables cloud adoption and transformation while optimizing various cloud strategies. Apart from cloud solutions, Rackspace also offers a host of other services and products.

Rackspace's cloud adoption and migration services are noted for their customization. The company utilizes automation and focuses on cloud-native migrations, helping businesses to make the shift towards cloud-based solutions. They also provide an Elastic Engineering service for Hyperscalers which aids in managing and evolving the business environment to a cloud-native setup.

Rackspace's Modern Operations services offer 24/7 cloud services and support for operational and system administration. Furthermore, they offer an Elastic Engineering service for VMware, which allows businesses to modernize workloads on VMware with minimal disruption to the platform and team. For consistent performance, there are cloud optimization services to ensure that the architecture employed is cost-effective.

Another noteworthy service is Onica, provided by Rackspace Technology. This service accelerates the cloud journey with the experience it provides in Amazon Web Services (AWS). The company's technology also simplifies the complexity often associated with hybrid and multicloud platforms. Public cloud migration, management, and governance services are available across leading cloud platforms and dedicated private cloud platforms are secure, forming part of their comprehensive cloud solutions.

When it comes to engagement consulting and advisory services, Rackspace Technology lists professional services and managed services as its offerings. Furthermore, to provide an enhanced customer experience, Rackspace Fabric and Fanatical Experience are listed under its service features.

On the applications front, Rackspace aids in deploying cloud-native and SaaS solutions to increase efficiency and reliability. Their services include application modernization where they help to eliminate technical debt by modernizing application delivery. Additionally, they deal with Cloud Native applications that deliver auto-scaling and hyper-resilient solutions. The company is also involved in the design, and build of Internet of Things (IoT) and Edge applications. This outlines Rackspace Technology's comprehensive services catering to varied business needs across industries.