InMotion Hosting is based in both Virginia and California. The company was established in 2001 and has been providing exceptional hosting services ever since. InMotion Hosting ( offers many different web hosting services (VPS, Shared, Dedicated) in a lot of different packages. In the past few years, the company has built a strong reputation because of its excellent customer service. In fact, most of the review websites rate InMotion Hosting as one of the leading hosting providers.

Due to this, experienced bloggers and webmasters consider InMotion Hosting to be the best choice for corporate users and business organizations. The company’s target market has always been customers who don’t mind paying some extra dollars for better after sales support and reliability. 

Premium Hosting Service - Great Uptime Record at Affordable Price 

Overall, InMotion Hosting is one of the best hosting services. Once you start using this service, you will notice the extraordinary uptime record. For most users, a website’s uptime record never goes anywhere below 99.9% uptime. You can’t expect any better in just $5.39 per month. If you want better uptime record and don’t mind paying just a little bit extra, InMotion Hosting will be your best choice. 

Maximum Speed Zone

InMotion Hosting utilizes multiple data centers and peering technologies. These data centers are located in different locations across the United States of America. Functioning like a business class and VPS hosting user, you will be allowed to choose your specific data center location. If you reside within the Maximum Speed Zone, your website and email will easily run up to 6 times faster. It is worth mentioning that Googles consider a website’s speed while ranking it. Therefore, if your website runs faster, you have a good chance at better ranking.

Exceptional Live Chat Support 

In case you experience some problems with website hosting, you will definitely have a good experience with Live Chat support. Your problems will be resolved within minutes. Well trained and qualified staff members are always willing to answer your Live Chat requests instantaneously. 

Various Choices Regarding Server Upgrades 

If you’ve outgrown your existing web host, you don’t need to worry. With InMotion Hosting, you can easily upgrade to dedicated hosting or VPS plan without any problems. InMotion Hosting offers a lot of different hosting plans for its users. 

Money Back Guarantee 

The 90 day money back guarantee from InMotion Hosting lets you know the level of confidence this company has in its services. Moreover, with a money back guarantee, you can be assured of a higher level of commitment towards customer satisfaction. This long trial period has made InMotion Hosting even more popular among customers. 

Proven Track Record As An Excellent Hosting Service Provider 

Every webmaster wants to deal with a hosting service provider with a proven track record of excellence and efficiency. InMotion Hosting has been in this business for over a decade. In other words, the company has survived the recession period, dot-com bubble and even sub prime crisis. If you want to work with a stable and sustainable hosting company, InMotion Hosting will be your best choice.