is a web host directory that was founded in 2002. Listings in the directory are obtained by paying for clicks, and advertisers are ranked in the search results based on the amount they pay per click. The cost for 2000 clicks at is $20. According to the text on the website "Listing your site within search results is a cost-effective way to reach thousands of targeted customers. You select the search terms that are relevant to your site, and choose how much to pay when customers click on your listings. The higher you bid, the higher your site appears in our search results." seems to be a site with a failed business model. The directory categories for are listed on the home page, but clicking on them brings up no results. The same is true for a search performed using the website's search box. A quick look at the Internet Archive's Wayback Machine at revealed that had directory listings as recently as 2011. However, currently there are no listings in the directory, which makes it almost useless for anyone searching for a web host.

Another area of that has not been maintained in a while is the forum. A forum on a site dedicated to web hosting can be a valuable source of information for people seeking information on this topic. The forum appears to still be active, because people are still posting in it. However, it appears that the last post made by a moderator was in 2005. Currently, the posts being made at the forum at are from people who seem to be looking for a way to get free links to their various websites and affiliate programs.

Unfortunately, the only way to find web hosting at is to click on one of the banner ads that appear in the right sidebar of the website, or to click on one of the links for the web hosting companies that are partners with In most cases, these links lead to sites that are being actively maintained, and that contain useful information for those seeking web hosting services.

Several of the links at have no relevance to web hosting. On the home page, in the left side bar, under the title "Partners," there are links for concert tickets, fax machines, Los Angeles County Bail Bonds & Attorneys, Myspace backgrounds and poker. At the bottom of the home page there is a link for organic bedding and a link titled "At On the Beach." These links, which are not related to webhosting, are blended in with links for web hosting services.