When someone first opens findmyhost.com they may be a little taken aback by the massive amount of links on the home page. Sure, this is a web directory so it's understandable, but to have so many on the home page is a little jarring.

The top of the home page is a way to search throughout the directory for specifically what one is looking for in terms of their host of choice. They can choose based on the type of host that they are looking for or simply the name of the host itself.

For those who are not sure of what host they are looking for, they can look through all of those different links on the homepage. These links are broken down into categories to make navigation a little easier for the user.

The meat of the information that is provided on this site are customer reviews of the different hosts that are listed. Most would feel a little more comfortable if they knew a little more about the types of hosts they were using before they used them if they can. That is clearly one area where this site is strong.

From the navigation point of view I am impressed by this site. It does break things down into categories that are easy to understand. It seems to have all of the bases covered in terms of providing all of the different categories. The newbie who is starting his website will find that this site can help them find the type of host that they need pretty quickly.

One of the drawbacks of this site is that it is not exactly pretty to look at. Maybe this does not matter to some people, but for me it does. Obviously people do not want to be bombarded by ads or other annoying popups when they log on to a site (thankfully this site does not have those), but it is lacking at least a little in design.

The owners of this site can be proud of one main edge that they do have over the competition. The domain name for this one is great. It is easy to imagine someone typing "find my host" into a search engine and having this site pop up as a result. The name is easy to remember and says what it helps users to do right in the title. It is great from that prospective.

Overall it is a very useable website.