The Web Hosting Directory is a helpful website for those searching for information on the various web hosting companies in the industry. One common complaint many in the market for a website hosting service will have is they can never locate a decent listing site. There truly is a demand for a site that presents scores of companies in the industry. With this well made site, anyone skimming it will quickly realize it is a solid site that is quite comprehensive as evidenced by the many hosting services it lists.

The design of the site is quite good. At the very top of the home page is listed various categories of website hosting services. These services include cloud hosting, shared hosting, dedicated hosting, CDN hosting and others. This allows any visiting the site to immediately click on the links to the various categories and venture to the various links in the directory reflected hosting companies that offer such services.

One drawback to the design is the home page might seem a little crowded. That is because it tries to offer many different options for visitors so that they can gear their attention towards the category they are most interested in. Those looking for the 10 Ranked Web Hosts or the Most Popular Web Hosting Categories can immediately find them the minute they land on the homepage. While crowded, the landing page does offer many options for those wishing to find what they are seeking. That allows the directory to be much more user-friendly to those that do not want to spend too much time fishing through a directory trying to locate what it is they are seeking.

One of the more interesting aspects of the directory is that it lists the various hosting companies on the site in descending order of customer ratings. (The rating range from 0% to 100%) This allows you to immediately see which companies have received excellent reviews and which ones have received less than stellar reviews. Of course, questions will be raised here about the integrity of the reviews on the directories. The ratings have been issued with integrity from legitimate customers which means the ratings can be trusted.

Granted, the site can appear a bit cluttered at first glance. This can cause some slight problems with being able to navigate the site and that will not appeal to some visitors. However, the design of the site does incorporate different size and colored fonts which allows the various links to various subsections of the site to be easily accessed. The usability of the site is excellent so you will not have to worry about navigating it when you click on a link.

While the Web Hosting Directory might not be the most perfect site for those in search of web hosting companies, it is still a directory with much to offer. Once you become familiar with its design and layout, you will be able to navigate it easily. Quite honestly, becoming familiar with it will not take all that long.