Webhostdir.co.uk is a directory of web hosting companies based in the United Kingdom. Webhostdir.co.uk is a brand of Serchen, a company that offers several different directories. The website for Serchen doesn't tell how many web hosts are listed at Webhostdir.co.uk, but it states that the Web Host Directory, which includes separate directories for the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, and Australia, "remains one of the largest web hosting directories in the world."

There is no mention on Webhostdir.co.uk of the cost to get listed in the directory. However, when I hovered my mouse pointer over some of the names in the directory, the status bar at the bottom of my browser window displayed text such as "AffiliateID=," "adclick.aspx," and "CampaignID=," leading me to believe that Serchen is getting revenue from Webhostdir.co.uk through one or more affiliate programs.

Webhostdir.co.uk is has a neat and organized appearance and is built with a modern template. At the top of each page there are links to popular sites, reviews, the quote request form, the forum, and Serchen's other directories. Below that is a search box which allows users to search the site. Underneath that there are links to the directory categories, and on the home page, underneath the directory links, there are photo links to some of the web hosts and links to some of the reviews within the directory. The background of the site is light gray, with blue used for borders and certain sections. The text is in either blue, medium gray, white, or black. These colors make the site very calming to look at.

One aspect of Webhostdir.co.uk that I don't like is the way Webhostdir.co.uk is integrated with the other Serchen directories. For example, when I was on the home page, I clicked on "Windows Hosting," which took me to a page listing companies that offer Windows hosting. On this page, in the left side bar, are links to other directory categories. When I clicked on the link in this section that was titled "Cloud Web Hosting," it took me to the website Clouddir.co.uk, which is a totally different directory.

Another aspect of Webhostdir.co.uk that I don't like is the prominent link to their "Adult Hosting" category. Not only am I offended by companies that offer adult hosting, the large photo of a woman's lips that is above the link to the "Adult Hosting" section is prominently displayed near the upper left corner of the home page and loads very quickly every time the home page is refreshed. Unlike many web hosting directories that try to hide their associations with adult hosting companies, the owners of Webhostdir.co.uk are proudly displaying their association for everyone to see.

A third aspect of Webhostdir.co.uk that I don't like is that it really doesn't offer any information about any of the companies listed there. Apart from listing each company under a category, and providing a one or two sentence description about each company, there is really no information about what each company offers. The reviews are somewhat helpful, but they still do not provide a summary of what each company has to offer.

In summary, Webhostdir.co.uk is a nice looking web hosting directory, but with sparse details about the companies listed there, individuals who are seeking meaningful information to help them choose a web host are best served elsewhere.