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The internet is no doubt the platform of choice for modern businesses. This is why it is imperative for every business to market itself online. Online marketing is easy, cheap and can open new frontiers for you business while thrusting it beyond imaginable heights. This starts with the creation of an appealing website. Once you are done designing your business website, you then have to find the best web hosting company to host your website; or in other words your business. Web hosting directories are the right places source forthe most suitable web hosting company tohost your website.

Web hosting directories are a marketplace where different hosts list their plans, products and prices. They also list other crucial web hosting information. This is aimed at making prospective customers know what is on offer and choose the right host. Some of the directories also rank the companies they have listed in order to bring more convenience to the selection process.

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Doubts linger in some people's minds on whether web hosting directories are truly effective. Understanding how the directories work is crucial before concluding on whether the directories are effective. Firstly, there are paid and free web hosting directories. As their names suggest, paid directories require the web hosting company to pay a small charge for placing their banners, ads and listings listed in the directory. Under some arrangements, they may be required to remit a small commission per customer who subscribes to their services through that web hosting directory.

On the other hand, in contrast to paid directories, free web hosting directories do not charge web hosting companies any fees. They can place their listings, ads and banners on the directories free of charge. As such, the paid directories may not be as reliable as the free directories. The rankings may not be fair as the ranking process may be manipulated through unfair means. Some hosts may pay higher commissions and request for favorable rankings thus resulting in a flawed ranking system.

Free web hosting directories seem to be more reliable. However, it is good to use them only after you have gone through several customer reviews and established that the host is competitive and sensitive. The customer reviews must be genuine; any undue exaggeration is an indicator that the review is not genuine. The reviews should be both and positive if they are genuine

Web hosting directories play an important role in online marketing today. They have made it possible for businesses and website owners to choose the best hosts for their websites. A simple search on these directories will reveal several directories listing the different web hosting companies available in the market today.

If you are looking for the right host for your business website, web hosting directories will lead you to the right choice. You will find a list of these companies along with their prices, services, plans, offers and discounts. Compare their offers and select the one that most suits you. Once you have found the right host, you can be sure that your website will be available all the time and you can concentrate on running your business.


  • Browse Hosts
    A web host directory that was founded in 2002. Listings in the directory are obtained by paying for clicks, and advertisers are ranked in the search results based on the amount they pay per click.

  • Compare Web Hosts
    Lists web hosting offers as well as additional content, found in the form of blogs, reviews, articles, guides and more.

  • Find My Host
    Users can search throughout the directory for specifically what one is looking for in terms of their host of choice. They can choose based on the type of host that they are looking for or simply the name of the host itself.

  • Host Index
    A web hosting directory that has been online since 1998. Contains listings for over 8500 web hosts located on every continent in the world.

  • HostTraff
    A free web hosting directory that describes itself as a "Categorized directory of hosting companies which offer hosting services for personal, small and medium enterprise businesses". Companies listed at are categorized by the type of hosting they offer.

    Hosting reviews of all the top companies. Webmasters talk about their experiment with each company.

  • The Web Hosting Directory
    A website for those searching for information on the various web hosting companies in the industry.

    A directory of web hosting companies based in the United Kingdom.