Webdesignfinders.net is a directory of web design firms and freelance web designers based in the United States. According to the text on the home page, 8352 web design firms are listed at Webdesignfinders.net. Firms in the directory are categorized by city and state.

Webdesignfinders.net currently offers three types of listings: Platinum, Gold, and Bronze. Platinum listings are displayed above all listings and can be purchased for multiple cities and states. Gold listings are listed below Platinum listings, and they are displayed under the city and state of the firm being advertised. Bronze listings are displayed below Gold and Platinum listings and under the city of the firm being advertised.

Bronze and Gold listings are free. Platinum listings start at $70. Unlike Bronze and Platinum listings, Gold listings require a reciprocal link.

Webdesignfinders.net is a well designed site. The colors selected for the website portray a professional image. White is used for the background, and green and black are used for the text. The fonts used at Webdesignfinders.net make the text easy to read. The site's navigation is clear with a search box at the top of the home page clearly explaining how to perform a search.

Just below the search box are clearly labeled buttons directing site visitors to the pages for adding a listing, advertising, contacting the site owners, or getting help. There is a banner ad just below the navigation buttons, but it blends in with the site design. The text just under the banner on the home page clearly explains what the site is about. Listed below that are the US states and major cities that are used as directory categories.

Below the directory categories are links to posts that announce newly listed companies within the directory and links to articles providing helpful web design tips. Although there is a lot of information displayed on the home page, it is presented in a manner that is clear and easy to understand.

I think that Webdesignfinders.net would be more useful to its site visitors if user reviews were somehow incorporated into the directory listings. Web design services can be very expensive, and any information that helps a person seeking such services is highly valued. I also noticed when browsing through the directory listings that some companies were displayed as Silver listings. However, when I went to the page describing the listing options, Silver listings were not mentioned. That is something that should be clarified on the site so as not to cause confusion.

As is the case with most directories, the owners of Webdesignfinders.net need to make sure that their links are maintained. One of the requirements for a site to be displayed as a Gold listing is that a backlink to Webdesignfinders.net must be placed on the site's home page. I visited the first ten websites displayed as Gold listings at webdesignfinders.net/oregon-web-designers.html. Of these ten, only two had a backlink to Webdesignfinders.net on their home pages. In addition, two of the companies displayed as Gold listings on this page were no longer providing web design services.