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  • Designfirms.org
    A directory of web designers, developers, and marketing professionals located all around the world. There are over 20,000 companies listed.

  • Web Design Listings
    A carefully curated web design directory, categorising developers into micro-niches, such as Shopify, Wordpress and Magento developers - helping you find the exact people you need for your next website.

  • Webdesign Finders
    A directory of web design firms and freelance web designers based in the United States. According to the text on the home page, 8352 web design firms are listed

Web Design Directories Web Directory

Think for a moment about old school and you will get the concept of a directory. In the olden days when you needed to find someone and the phone number and address you looked it up a phone book. These were more correctly called the telephone directories for a specific location. You could also call an information number and an operator would look the information up for you and provide it over the phone. Those directories were divided up between business and personal and in some you could buy ads for whatever you wanted. That is the same solid business and information concept as online directories.

Web Designers Directory
Homepage of Web-design-directory.org.uk

Search engines like Google do that for us now. The problem is that unless you are very good with search engine keywords you are liable to get just plain too much information. Of course the more you can narrow your search the better for you. And the easier it is for web users to find your business the better for you. Directories do that for you automatically.

So that is what the directory does for you. Businesses sign up to be in the directory. The directories are broken down by geographies and in this instance by type of business. Most good directories will be in the business of directories as their revenue stream. Professional directory companies are the right place to start, rather than signing up with a service that does directories as a sideline or "additional service".

What is web design? At the simplest level web design are the graphics shown on a website. In the very complex form it includes the use of cookies and links even email and all sorts of algorithms for tracking traffic and use.

A Web design directory is a specific internet location that stores data and lists of companies involved in web design at whatever level. Do it yourself all the way to web design for huge mega corporations can be found in a web design directory. There will be articles and instructions relating to the industry as a whole and all the latest gadgets and software to get the job done.

A common understanding is that a visit from someone who got to your site by using a directory is twice as likely to use your services as one who got there from a search engine. Directories also give you an expanded presence on the web. Directories are common good locations for information about your industry in general. You can also build your brand in a respected manner by using directories.

Think of having a business without a listing in a popular and professional directory. It simply does not make sense. What makes sense is finding the right directory for you and getting listed on it, Perhaps more than one directory.

Web design directories make very good marketing tools. If you are in the business of design for the internet you must have a web presence. Being in a directory makes you more professional than the designer who is not.