Linkopedia is a human edited general web directory. It has been active since 1998, making it the same age as the more famous DMOZ directory. Back in the dinosaur days of the world wide web, it was definitely one of the better known web directories.

Linkopedia was never as famous as Yahoo, DMOZ, or the BOTW but still fairly well-known. However, most people online today have probably never heard of Linkopedia, unless they happen to be an internet marketer type or maybe a person interested in search engine optimization. In other words, Linkopedia does not carry the same weight that it once did but it is still an important directory with a venerable history and that counts when deciding where to place one's money on added exposure for your website.

Linkopedia has a very clean design with super fast loading pages. This directory is extremely easy to navigate and ads are kept to a minimum, serving only one Google Adsense block at the bottom of each inner page. The vast majority of links in Linkopedia seem to be top level domains. However, they do seem to have a few individual inner pages listed but the ones I explored were all very high quality, mostly educational pages. In other words, this directory seems to be largely devoid of spam or low content sites.

Furthermore, the sites I found in this directory were mostly of medium to high quality. It does seem, as discussed on their blog, that they reject sites of low quality, regardless of the fee paid. Linkopedia also seems to have a good presence in the Google as Linkopedia category pages do appear in the top 100 listings for some pertinent keywords.

Linkopedia has personality and provides a few extras that you won't find at other directories. If you are a parent or an educator, you will appreciate the collection of kid friendly links Linkopedia has put together. Many of these sites are interactive and fun as well as educational.

This seems to be Linkopedia giving back to the online community with no push for a sale of any kind. You can access this page by the prominent link in the navigator bar on their homepage. You may also want to visit the Linkopedia Game Room and play some games for free or pay a small fee and test your luck at winning some prizes.

Linkopedia only charges $9.95 for a guaranteed one business day review. If approved, your link is placed in the directory as a permanent listing. Given the fact that this directory has been incubating in the search engines for years and the fact that they have kept their directory relatively spam free in all that time, this price is very reasonable. I recommend this directory as a worthwhile place to pay to list your site. Just be sure to read carefully their submission guidelines and what type of sites they do not accept.

If your site does not meet their guidelines, do not pay the fee because they will not refund it if they review your site and it does not meet their guidelines. For example, if your site is lacking in content or has duplicate content, Linkopedia will likely reject it. Also, if your website is full of ads or seems to be set up for the sole purpose of driving traffic to your affiliate links, Linkopedia may reject your website.