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Website directories are arguably the best means to use in promotion of company websites. Rigorous marketing schemes are being employed by most companies to get themselves to be known and recognized by as many potential customers as possible. With the increase in internet use and traffic, traditional advertising methods such as billboards and newspaper adverts are being substituted for the more appropriate internet advertising. With internet advertising, one generally has to increase the traffic to their websites and this can be achieved by listing their sites on web directories.

Directory of Directories
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Web directory submissions help to build back links and increase traffic and exposure. These directories specialize in linking websites to others and grouping and listing links in different categories. These categories are usually based on given keywords that lead traffic to given websites. The directory of directories on the other hand lists and categorizes these directories into different groups.

The directory of directories lists directories into different groups, like: niche directories, general directories, special directories and regional directories. This categorization makes it easy to search for the exact directory type required. Niche directories are mainly listings for different sectors and business niches; they list directories for areas such as education, arts, business, health, home improvement, food, financial, fashion and legal directories. General directories list links for free and paid general and deep link directories.

Also listed in this section are reciprocal directories. Under special directories, links pertaining to sections such as article, bidding, blog and forum directories are listed. The directory of directories is also listed in this section. Regional directories on the other hand list directories and links that associate different geographical regions and sections relating to specific people of a certain race, heritage or origin. These include Asian, African, European, Spanish and American directories among others.

As directories serve to market and increase traffic to links and websites, directories of directories list these directories the same way inks are listed. The hassle encountered in marketing websites is the same as that encountered in getting traffic to your directories. The directory of directories therefore eases this hassle making it easier web marketers to locate your website and post their links their according to appropriateness and categorization.

The directory of directories is like a purely refined search engine. This refinement as a result of categorization makes it easy not only for general users but also for owners of directories to find and place their websites prominently. Most people prefer using web directories to search engines as they provide reliable information on the websites. The categories are made from the perspective of a web searcher therefore serving a little more purpose than what the search engine provides. In this way the search is made more appropriate both for seasoned web users and newbies.

Getting your directory listed in another directory generally accrues a certain fee depending on the parent directory. These fees are subject to some conditions such as posting a reciprocal link to redirect visitors back to the directory of directories, featured listings and bid for positions. In the bid for positions case the directories are ordered subjects to the bids they have placed. Directories may also earn commissions from affiliate links.

The importance of listing a directory in a directory of directories cannot be overemphasized considering the benefits that accrue. It is therefore the best way to go for directory owners.


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