New York Attorney Legal Directory is an online platform that is designed to support law firms in expanding their online presence and boosting their capacity for lead generation. This site appears to have been established due to a perceived shortage of local legal and law firm directories, thus aiming to fill this void within the industry.

The directory is designed with numerous features that are likely beneficial to its users. A key feature of this site is its organisational structure. It categorises law firms according to various legal niches, facilitating targeted search and retrieval of information. These broad categories encompass law areas such as Accident and Personal Injury, Bankruptcy and Debt, Business Law, Civil and Human Rights, Consumer Rights, Criminal Defense, Disability, Divorce and Family Law, Employees' Rights, Estate Planning, Health Care, Immigration, Insurance, Intellectual Property, Lawsuits and Disputes, Real Estate, and Social Security and Retirement.

This site also integrates SEO backlinks, an essential tool for increasing a website's visibility on internet search engines. In addition, law firms can add their site to the directory, further enhancing their digital footprint and reach. The platform provides a blog section as well, offering potentially useful insights and expert commentary on various legal subjects.

Overall, New York Attorney Legal Directory seems to be a comprehensive platform for law firms seeking to increase their online presence and lead generation. Furthermore, with its well-structured, user-friendly design and vast variety of legal categories, it may serve as a useful tool for individuals or businesses seeking legal assistance or advice in specific areas of law. However, the platform's effectiveness is dependent on the participation and expertise of the law firms it features. Therefore, consistent quality control and timely updates of the information provided would be requisite for its long-term credibility and success.