When you first access this directory, you get a feel that the people behind it mean business. The design is simplistic – but in a good way, making sure that users don’t get lost in unnecessary details.

The main, original feature is that you can automatically start browsing through the list of categories, based on location. There’s a simple map, directing you to categories relevant to their designated area. Further down, you can find the 18 main categories, each with its level two and level three subcategories.

On the main page, right along the world map, users can instantly access categories and/or subcategories rated as being in the Top. For example, you can directly go to SEO Companies, Hostels and Motels, Web Directory lists and a few others.

DirJournal guarantees exposure for its clients. The prices are somewhat high, but taking into consideration the fact that it’s a very good directory, it can prove to be money well-spent for your business. The standard yearly listing costs $59.95, while the featured yearly listing is $99.95. For the permanent versions, you’ll need $159.95 for standard and $249.95 for a featured listing.

In both cases, featured listings offer two more optional deep links and maximum exposure for your website. The permanent options also incorporate links to your social profile along with phone and address listing. For the annual listing plan, you also get a 72 hour guaranteed review, while for the permanent listing plans, you get one within 48 hours.

Within the categories, the listings are displayed very straight forward: first comes the featured listings box, followed by regular ones. Each link has its own unique description, properly coined and edited by a professional editor. There’s even a “more details” link for each listing, taking users to a page dedicated to that specific listing. There users can find out details like search engine rankings, Alexa details, site resources and Whois information.

A pertinent feature of DirJournal is that it offers plenty of resources and information for its users, thus gaining a clear advantage over many other directories. It features several niche blogs: Business Journal, Directory Blog, Entertainment Journal, Health Journal, How-to Guides, Info Journal, Search and Social Blog and the Shopping Journal. All of these are updated frequently with quality materials written by well-versed writers.

Users can also take advantage of the RSS feature on the blogs to get instant notifications when new materials are added. There’s also a box on the main page which lets visitors browse the newest stories on each of the seven blog categories.

Even though DirJournal is a great directory platform and has a lot of exposure with immense potential towards expanding itself, there are still some subcategories that feature too few listings. This however is a work in progress, so it wouldn’t be fair to take aim at this downside, especially when all the other listings are to the point and with unique, clearly edited descriptions.

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