B2B Listings is a comprehensive, human-reviewed directory that focuses on facilitating connections between businesses. The innovative platform stands out by not only providing a live and continuously updated directory, but also by incorporating a wide array of features, such as a geographic search option and listings of diverse categories.

Boasting a most recently updated list, the directory includes a variety of sectors such as Accounting and Finance Services, Advertising and Marketing, Business Consultants, and Industrial Services, with the number of listings ranging from under a hundred for some categories to over a thousand for others. This extensive variety serves to meet different business needs and preferences.

Businesses listed on the platform have the advantage of augmenting their visibility through additional features such as adding new videos and products. A valuable feature of B2B Listings includes the acknowledgement by Googlebot, with a recent instance of flooringrestoration.com's profile page being indexed. Moreover, B2B Listings has a feature for automatic fetching of all content by their spider, reducing manual update workload for businesses.

An perceived downside could be the lack of detailed information for some categories like Business Insurance, Business Supplies, and Factory Related with quite a few listings. The platform could benefit from proactively expanding these categories by attracting more businesses to list.

In conclusion, B2B Listings is a reliable platform for businesses seeking to increase their exposure and create potent B2B connections. By providing a range of features such as regular content updates, product and video addition, and a wide categorization, the platform proficiently serves its purpose as a comprehensive B2B directory.