is a comprehensive and up-to-date directory focused on health and beauty sectors. It uses a human-review approach to ensure all listed information is relevant and accurate. The directory is live and consistently updated with the most recent information, which adds to its credibility and usefulness.

The purpose of is to give users an accessible platform to peruse and discover services and experts within the health and beauty industry. Through its submission feature, businesses can add their website to the directory, thus expanding their reach. The platform also features articles, allowing for an informative experience for users.

Users can search the directory by geographic location, besides browsing through different categories or using the search function. This user-friendly feature adds convenience and precision to the search process. The directory encompasses a wide array of segments, including addictions, elderly care, dentistry, mental health, nutrition, pregnancy and maternity, to name a few. It also has segments dedicated to health-related jobs and marketing for health-related businesses, indicating its expansiveness.

One of the unique aspects of is the inclusion of Gold Listings, which fetches content automatically through a dedicated spider. This somewhat innovative approach allows for a more dynamic and frequently updated listing. Along with regular text content, the Gold Listings also feature YouTube videos, providing a multimedia approach.

Further enhancing its credibility are the 3rd party reviews of Gold members presented in the directory. This element presents unbiased evaluations about the businesses, aiding users in making informed decisions.

In addition to providing detailed listings, also showcases articles related to health and beauty. This added feature keeps users engaged while also imparting them with useful knowledge.

Overall, presents itself as a reliable, wide-ranging and user-friendly directory for health and beauty sectors. Whether for businesses seeking to enhance their visibility or individuals in search of specific health or beauty services, the platform seems to be a beneficial resource. It's human-review process, broad range of categories, and constantly updated listings contribute to its relevance and value.