operates as an exhaustive, consistently updated online directory focusing on the fashion industry. Its purpose is to provide users with a comprehensive repository of business listings that range across multiple categories in the fashion sector.

The advantages of being listed on this platform are highlighted on the platform, elucidating the potential benefits for businesses. Users can navigate through the latest listings and can even submit their own websites for inclusion in the directory.

The platform boasts an array of categories and subcategories which pertain to the fashion industry varying from babies and kids, bath and aromatherapy, beachwear, clothing manufacturers, to jewellery, makeup and beauty, workwear and uniforms and many more. Each category allows the users to delve deeper into niche areas and pinpoint the specific resources they are seeking.

In addition to the diverse listing categories, the platform also features articles that offer insights into the industry. This added resource increases the value and utility of the platform, serving as an informational hub for those keen on industry news, trends and updates.

Alongside the articles, their Gold Listings offer a range of content including YouTube videos and products related to the listed businesses automatically fetched by their spider tool. There is also a designated section for most recently edited listings allowing for a view of the latest updates made to the directory.

Particularly unique to this platform is its Geographic search function. This feature enhances the user experience by enabling the search of fashion businesses based on their locations. also hosts third-party reviews of its Gold members, offering another degree of transparency and assistance for users navigating through their platform.

Verdict: operates as an extensive and continuously updated fashion directory, providing a diverse catalogue of listings and a range of complementary resources for both business owners and individuals interested in the fashion industry.