Marketing for Article Directories Websites

Article directories are specially designed websites that accept articles under different categories and subcategories. Usually people submit articles and publish the content on these directories for educating their visitors (audience) and driving traffic to their websites. These web directories involve a specific marketing operation termed Article marketing.
This was a very powerful strategy for building links and driving traffic a few years back.

But recently, the search engines have made certain changes in their search algorithms and today; hence the impact of this market strategy has significantly reduced. But, it's still considered as one of the major steps of internet marketing and search engine optimizing. Let's explore how to prepare ideal content for these directories and how using the directory services can help you.

Directory of Article Directories
Homepage of EzineArticles
Preparing content for article directories: tips after Panda and Farmer search engine updates:

  1. Be unique, specific, precise and focused - While writing articles for the directories, you have to prepare something unique (no spun content). Make sure to write something very specific about the subject matter. Present precise details and focus carefully on the important points. Your content will attract the visitors to your site and convert into sales.
  2. The content should be engaging, fun to read and informative - Internet users always look for informative and engaging contents. That's why, infographic contents have become more popular than plain texts. As the content firms basically accept plain text, you should concentrate on preparing high quality content. Make sure the articles you submit are fun-to-read and include all the essential information on the subject matter.
  3. Create a credible author resource box - Usually the directories have resource box containing information about the author, his webpage and anchor texts. While submitting articles, you should prepare a high quality author resource box. The contents should reflect your authority and inspire a reader to click your link. You must do some research for extracting predictive, converting, high search volume keywords in the resource box.
  4. Must include keywords and make the content search engine friendly - The content you prepare should include the specific keywords relating to your website and business. The articles should be optimized for the search engines carefully. You must avoid keyword-stuffing or over-saturating the article as doing this will mark your content as spam. You should spend some time for researching the market and analyzing the business potentials before start article marketing vigorously.
Why the webmasters use article directories? Here are some benefits of using article directories:

  1. Search Engine Optimizing & Social sharing -These directories are integral part of article marketing and search engine optimization. These contents are shared virally on the social platforms like twitter and facebook. This certainly enhances visibility and sales of your products or services. At the same time, high page rank backlinks help you secure a better position or SERP.
  2. Building reputation and online branding- As you're publishing the articles under a specific niche, you will gradually build a name of authority. People will start recognizing you as an expert under that niche. Your connections and sense of authority will help you build online reputation and operate brand marketing.
  3. Educating the audience about your product or service - Publishing articles on these directories help you expose your product in front of a huge audience. You can educate the audience on a popular platform. The exposure will certainly enhance your brand value and number of sales over time.
  4. An affordable, highly converting resource of marketing - Compared to many other marketing strategies, article marketing is more effective, affordable and better converting technique. You may double your profit if you use content marketing techniques properly. Preparing the content well and optimized syndicating will simply make a massive influx in your sales funnel.

Many internet marketers say that article marketing is dead and so are article directories. But the truth is - search engines will always rank high quality contents in the top position. As a result, the techniques may need some changes to adapt the current algorithm. If you can use the strategies properly, article marketing is still one of the most powerful traffic building system and article directories are among the most important marketing resources even today.


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