Themify is a well-established provider of WordPress themes and plugins. Since its inception in 2010, Themify has been instrumental in assisting more than 120,686 customers in creating responsive WordPress sites, offering simplicity and speed in the design process. Themify provides a comprehensive WordPress toolkit named 'Master Club', which includes all of Themify's themes and plugins. This allows users to design any type of WordPress site they can envision for an investment of $89, with an offering of a 30-day risk-free money back guarantee.

Users have an array of 42 responsive themes to choose from, which continues to grow. This includes 11 plugins, some notable ones being the popular Post Type Builder. Adding to its catalog, Themify also offers 24 Builder Addons that further enhance the customization options for users, along with 5 PTB Addons that enhance the functionality of the Post Type Builder. Moreover, all of Themify's theme offerings include their respective Photoshop mockup files, further aiding the design process for users.

Among its variety of products, Themify's highlight is the Ultra Theme. It is admired by thousands of freelitors and site owners for its extreme power and flexibility. It is a true multi-purpose theme, boasting a range of layout options that allow customization of various website elements, from header to footer. This theme caters to any type of website, validating its versatility.

In conclusion, Themify offers a wide variety of WordPress themes and plugins to accommodate the varied needs of website developers, whether professional or amateur. With its ease-of-use, flexibility in design options, and the promise of responsive site construction, Themify ensures a satisfying user experience.