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Site templates are simply pre-designed web pages that only lack text and images. They are meant to eliminate or reduce the need for hiring professional web designers. There are many basic site templates that are offered free of charge online. But the ones with more advanced features are comes at a price. This price, however, is still lower than hiring a web designer.

Site templates make the process of creating a website very easy. When you are using one, you don't have to go through the complex process of designing the layout of your web pages in an HTML editor. All you have to do is to choose a template, which appeals to you by looking at the images on the vendor's site. After selecting your preferred template, you just need to load it into an HTML editor and add your content as well as any accompanying photos.

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Site templates vary widely in terms of complexity. Some consists of only the home page and its font set. With these kinds of templates, you have to create all additional web pages you may want. If you are good in HTML, you can easily duplicate the home page and use it as a template for additional HTML pages. But if you have limited HTML skills, you will have to use the site templates that come with the home page and additional HTML pages, or hire a web designer. Web designers usually charge less for creating a website from a template than creating an entire site from scratch.

Before you purchase a site template, you should check whether it has the functionality required. Some templates may require you to use additional software such as Photoshop or Adobe, so be sure to check that as well.

Site templates are popular with both individual website owners and businesses. Their main benefit is that they allow novice webmasters to come up with appealing and useful websites. You don't need expert knowledge in web design to create a quality website that you can use to make money online, or for any other purpose thanks to site templates. The hard part is taken care of, and you just need to add your content and photos.

Site templates also offer faster turnaround when it comes to web design. When you are using a site template, you can get your site up-and-running within a very short period of time - actually a fraction of what you would have used to create a custom website. This helps to save much needed time and resources. Depending on its complexity, a quality website can take months to develop. But when you are using a template, you can create a fully-fledged website in a few days or even hours.

The other huge benefit that comes with site templates is reduced costs of making a website. Templates cost as little as $25-$70, and you can get a professionally-looking website with this kind of money. On the other hand, a professional web designer may charge you as much as $5000 for a custom-designed website. You can also use the countless free templates available online even though they may be limited in functionality and design.


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