Mage World provides a variety of Magento Themes and Templates for online businesses. They specialize in offering Magento extensions for both Magento 1 and Magento 2 versions, covering various areas from advertising and marketing to customer support. The website also offers services related to the support and maintenance of Magento platforms.

Among the Magento 1 extensions, they offer Reward Points, a One Step Checkout feature, Free Gift, Affiliate Sales Motivation, Daily deal, and a Follow-Up Email. These features can enhance the shopping experience and motivated customers to continue shopping. For customer assistance, Magento 1 Help Desk, Easy Testimonial and Advance Delivery Schedule are available to improve customer experience and assistance.

For businesses using Magento 2, Mage World also provides an array of extensions. These include the Reward Points, One Step Checkout, Free Gift, Affiliate Sales Motivation, and the Daily Deal feature. Additionally, for customer support, Easy FAQ and Advance Delivery Schedule extensions are available. The website also presents a detailed description and pricing for each extension, allowing potential buyers to make informed decisions.

Aside from extensions, Mage World also provides Magento Themes and Templates, especially designed to enhance the aesthetic appeal of online stores. For instance, the mFashion HM Fashion theme is designed to offer a refreshed shopping environment for apparel stores. Similarly, the mStylist theme boasts an elegant design, suitable for fashion or apparel stores. The mLogo theme can be applied to any kind of Magento web-shop, giving it a professional and appealing look. To suit various budget ranges, the website offers special and regular prices for purchasing these themes.

Overall, Mage World is a comprehensive Magento solution provider for ecommerce businesses with its wide range of extensions, themes, templates, and support services. Whether an online business is using Magento 1 or Magento 2, Mage World facilitates enhancement of their shop's functionality and aesthetic appeal.