Joomla Templates is a company specialized in creating Joomla templates. The company releases a minimum of one Joomla template every month. Each template is bundled with PSD files, demos, and extensions used in production. Offering a selection of high-quality responsive templates, the company caters to a variety of needs, including ones for multimedia, business, portfolio, blog, and e-Commerce websites, among others.

Joomla Templates stands out for its consistent delivery of professional quality templates. The templates are based on their award-winning Templates Framework and are all handcrafted to perfection by a team of dedicated Joomla experts. The meticulous approach and attention to detail during the development of these templates ensure they are of top-notch quality and meet the needs and expectations of their customers.

Joomla Templates also provides exceptional product support, which includes detailed product documentation, helpful tips, and an extensive knowledgebase. In addition, they maintain exclusive support forums for their customers. These various forms of assistance fulfill the aim to ensure that their customers are never left with unanswered questions. With their sound support system, customers can efficiently resolve any issues they may encounter while using their templates.

Further illustrating their vast variety of templates, the company lists a number of templates that are available for purchase or download, each with corresponding information and a demo version. Some featured templates include 'Advito', 'Blogsider', '45deg', 'Buster', 'Genius', 'Metros', 'Royal', 'Infinity', 'Brook', and 'Promo'.

Verdict: Joomla Templates is a company that provides high-quality Joomla templates, accompanied by excellent product support. Its offerings cater to a wide range of customer needs, and the company makes a consistent effort to create and deliver templates that are professional and effective. With a broad selection of templates and a reliable support system, Joomla Templates manages to maintain good customer satisfaction.