Joomla Templates web directory: 10 resources.

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  • GavickPro
    The website offers Joomla templates and modules, as well as WordPress themes and features. It requires registration. An affiliate program is also available.

  • HotThemes
    The company is a producer of templates and extensions for popular GPL content management systems. Designs and develops Joomla and WordPress templates and extensions.

  • HurricaneMedia
    The company offers Joomla templates and extensions that are free of charge. A donation button makes is possible for users to support the website.

  • Joomla Monster
    Offers Joomla templates and extensions. Links to plans & pricing, as well as other useful information are listed on the page.

  • JoomlaDesigns
    British company that specializes in Joomla template and extension design and coding services. Registration is required. Prices are not listed on the home page.

  • Joomlage
    Develops Joomla template solutions for this content management system. Provides a list of Joomla Tutorials to help the client become familiar with Joomla and templates.

  • JoomlArt
    Offers Joomla templates and extensions for both commercial and private clients. An account registration is required, as the templates are for sale.

  • JoomlaTP
    Offers Joomla templates and extensions for clients who wish to enhance the video capabilities of their respective websites. Tutorials are also available.

  • Template Monster
    The main orientation of the company is web design with an emphasis on web design products and services, including Joomla templates.

  • You!Joomla
    Offers the possibility to pay a unique fee upon registration, in order to gain access to all Joomla templates that are available on the site.

Joomla Templates Web Directory

Over the years, web page designers came to the realization that functionality is not the only important thing for a web page to be effective, but rather its overall appeal and ability to engage site visitors. That is where the need for Joomla templates became a necessity in the world of Internet.

Joomla Templates and Extensions

Joomla is a widely known application of Content Management System (CMS) for guiding a user in creating a unique and customized web page and online applications. What makes this template software popular among web designers is the fact that it gives a free access to everyone who wishes to use it without requiring complex prerequisites.

Joomla Template
Example of a Joomla Template

To fully understand Joomla, you have to understand first the concept of templates. Template is basically synonymous to the terms layout and design.

A template becomes the backbone of a certain page as it groups important elements in your site which results to an easier flow of sheet in your web page. Significantly, templates make the lives of the administrators and users easier, both in creating and navigating certain web pages.

Benefits of Joomla

One of the great things about Joomla is that it offers a wide array of templates that you can choose from that can upgrade the appeal of your site. This can certainly improve the aesthetic aspect of your web page.

The templates from Joomla are also designed in a way that it will make web pages easier to navigate. Having a clutter-free and organized web page is definitely one of the secrets in gaining more visitors or customers to your web page.

Another plus factor with Joomla templates is that you can be sure that your page will never look like any other web page in the Internet. In this software, you can create your very own design of web page that is different from all other available templates.

The most important benefit that you can probably get from using Joomla is the amount of money that you can save. Having a business alone is already costly, let alone putting up an online page for your business. So, rather than spending money for a professional web page designer, you can just do it on your own by using some of the affordable and free templates offered in Joomla.

Who benefits from Joomla?

Bloggers and web designers are originally the ones who will benefit from Joomla. For bloggers, making interesting and creative designs for their blog sites will definitely attract more readers and this can be made possible through using templates from Joomla.

Today, people who benefit the most from this application are online businessmen. By using this application, people can now put up an online version of their business with no cost at all.

What is great about Joomla is that you don't necessarily need a web programmer to go over with the process of designing your very own web page. There are a lot of online tutorials today about installing Joomla templates.

Gist is that, whether you are a blogger, a web programmer or aspiring online businessmen, you can always try to widen your boundaries in making your web page unique and outstanding. You can start that by simply using Joomla templates.