Flyer and Poster Design web directory: 11 resources.

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  • A Visual Voice
    Design company that specializes in a variety of creative services. Also offers flyer and poster designs. A portfolio link is also available on the page, so that prospective clients can evaluate the company's services.

  • DreamFly
    This Uk based company specializes in theatre publicity design. Offers flyer and poster design services for plays, musicals or pantomimes.

  • Flyer Boy
    The company offers promotional flyer and poster printing services, as well as tips on how to design flyers and posters.

  • Flyerzone
    This Uk based company offers flyer and poster design services that are made available by pre-designed templates. Also offers online printing possibilities and delivery.

  • Genie Design & Print Solutions
    UK based company that offers graphic design services. The client is offered assistance throughout the designing process. Contact information is displayed on the page.

  • Interwebby
    Offers flyer and poster design services for small businesses that need to increase brand awareness.

  • Logo Specialist
    The company specializes in logo designs, but also offers flyer and poster design services for marketing and public relation initiatives.

  • LogoDesignTeam
    Creates world-class brochures and flyers for your business or organization. Portfolio available on the website.

  • NB Media
    Offers graphic design services for flyers and posters, as well as printing services, depending on the client's requests. Various printing sizes and materials are also made available.

  • Scott Neilson Concepts
    Offers flyer and poster designs, as well as logo designs. Also provides typography services and vector portraits.

  • UK Flyers
    Uk based graphic design agency and print supplier that offers flyer and poster design services, as well as delivery, depending on what the client needs.

Flyer and Poster Design Web Directory

If you've kids, you'll understand that the best gift you can give them is the confidence to be themselves. The same is true if you have your own business! The best thing you can do for the success of your business is to help it stand firmly against competition… and reach new heights. If you use flyers or posters for promoting your products or services, then you should try to give the personality and style because this will help them in achieving their purpose and you will get best value for your money.

Poster Designers
Example of a poster

Let's have a close look at few useful flyers and posters design tips that you should remember to get the best results from them.

Follow the KISS principle: Well, that quite easy. Try to Keep It Sweet and Simple! You should first determine the purpose of your flyer and poster printing, and then ensure that each element on the flyer or poster works in unison towards that aim.

Create a fabulous color scheme: You should not overload colors. Your full color scheme should have around 3-5 colors, and ensure that these colors also dominate in any photography that is used on flyers and posters.

Keep it short to just 50 words: Your flyers and posters design should convey its message with few words. Their design is all about feeling-so use purpose created and carefully chosen images that tells something worthwhile to your viewers. This is much better than writing pages full of texts. People rarely read flyer or poster printing that is over 100 words.

No more than three fonts: Don't use too many fonts in your flyers and posters design as they will look jumbled. There won't be any visual hierarchy. You should preferably use bolding, sizing, and italics using the same fonts for providing any useful information.

Use at least 48 point font for poster heading: The actual font size will vary depending specific font you use. Your ultimate aim is to make your flyer or poster readable even from few meters! So 48 point is definitely a good place to start!

Create a centerpiece: You should add a visual element, either the title or central graphic that easily stands out above all other elements. This is important whether you are printing flyers or posters. You should resist attempts to balance out all sizing.

Ensure that size of your images is big enough: Even if your posters will be viewed from a distance, you should avoid using pixilated photos or logos! If there is no large version of your logo, you should try to use some image conversion websites on the Internet.

Tell your target audience what you finally want them to do: This is also referred to as "call to action', and without them poster or flyer printing won't show you the desired effect. If you have plans to get bookings, tell your audience to call. If you want them to redeem discount coupons, you can even call them verbally for doing so. A good printing service will also guide you on flyers and posters design tips, so you should do adequate research and get in touch with the best amongst them.