Alan Carr's guide on How To Build A Website With WordPress provides a comprehensive roadmap for beginners who are interested in creating their own website. The guide initially introduces the concept of a Content Management System and guides the reader on how to register their domain name and website hosting. Carr clearly directs beginners on where to register a domain name and choose a website hosting plan, providing a step-by-step walkthrough of the process using as an example.

Furthermore, the guide goes into specifics on setting up an account, confirming account setup, and how to manually install WordPress. The instructions are detailed yet easy to follow, even for those unfamiliar with WordPress. Recognizing that aesthetic design is a important part of a website, Carr provides insights into using both free and premium WordPress themes. Additionally, Carr guides readers on how to install their chosen WordPress theme and how to customize their website.

Carr additionally discusses the importance of adding content to the website. He rightfully places emphasis on not just the aesthetics of the website, but additionally the substance. He provides guidance regarding the customization of the website to make it feel personal and unique to each user.

Recognising the significance of SEO, Carr effectively addresses how to make a website SEO-friendly. He also instructs readers on the process of pointing their domain name to their hosting account and the procedure of notifying search engines once your site is live. He underlines the importance of SEO for the visibility of a website and provides hints on how to optimise a website to lead search engines to it, thereby boosting its ranking.

The guide is a tool beneficial for beginners as it not only covers how to create a website but also goes a step beyond, teaching users how to maximise their website's potential. Given Carr's background in web development, marketing, and previous experiences in creating and selling websites, the guide has an air of credibility and practicality. Carr's expertise and experience are evident in his guide. He seems capable of transforming any novice into a competent creator of their own website, provided they follow his guide with due diligence.

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