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Business cards are one of the cheapest and most effective forms of marketing that have a very wide reach. It's much more than just getting your name there into the world. They help build your reputation and drum up business. Business cards are also an important networking tool. It's necessary to do business cards design in a way that they stand out. So be a bit creative and make your business cards noticeable. We are providing few tips to make your business cards more effective.

Example of a business card
Example of a business card

Contact information: Aside from providing usual contact information such as address, phone number, email address, you should also provide your social networking information, such as Facebook page, and Twitter handle. Since there is limited space on business card, you must limit the amount of textural information you can provide, as this will make overall design clearer and easier to read.

Add your company logo: You logo should be large enough to be noticed. With the help of well designed logo, you can built your corporate identity and brand. You can try something new, such as adding a full-color logo on the back of your business card. Use striking colors and choose professional printer who can offer you best business cards design.

Size: If you want to make your business cards smaller, larger, or a fancy die cut to easily get noticed, you should consider few advantages and disadvantages. The usual business card size is 3.5" x 2", which can be easily accommodated by most of the card holders and wallets. If you card cannot fit in such items, then people may toss them in trash, and you may lose out on potential business. Therefore, your business cards design should not only stand out, but should also fit easily within those dimensions so that all your contacts can easily carry and store your cards.

Foldout biz cards: You can also use foldout business cards, as they can carry more information than usual biz cards. You can add detailed biz information such as directions or map to your business, or snaps of your store.

Add fun pictures: If you are in some creative business and want to design your business cards so that they stand out, you can use fun pictures on their back. You can add pictures of bight yellow tulips, your art work, or your city's skyline. People get attracted to such cards.

Design: You should choose appropriate fonts and their sizes because it affects legibility. You should choose font that is easily legible even at a small size. In a good business cards design, the content is organized in a way that is visually appealing and user friendly.

Corners: To attract attention, you can create business cards in unique sizes and shapes. Instead of using old styled square cards, you can design them with round edges. Many printers have metal die that can create any shape that you are interested in.

Using all these ideas, you can easily create some of the best and highly impressive business cards. Reputable business card printers also offer templates that may help you walk through the designing process.


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