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One notable feature of My Banner Maker is its extensive collection of ready-made templates and professional-grade photographs. This ultimately equips users with tools needed to create banners even if they lack design inspirations. A user is spoilt for choice from thousands of templates and images at their disposal, all of which are infinitely customizable. This means, one can tweak as much or as little as they need, giving the users maximum control over their designs.

Another significant advantage of the My Banner Maker is its ease of use. Users can readily upload their designs to their preferred platforms, such as a Facebook page, YouTube channel or Twitter feeds with just a single click. In essence, it makes banner design both an effective and efficient process; no intricate design skills required, no sizing issues, and a one-click upload system.

In conclusion, My Banner Maker is an intuitive and reliable online application for creating visually appealing banners. It eliminates the need for refined design skills while rifling through size issues, making it attractive to a vast array of users. It offers a broad selection of customizable templates, bridging the gap between creativity and user requirements. My Banner Maker simply takes care of all the important details while lending a professional touch to all its banners, fulfilling its claim to be the premiere online app to create awesome banners.