Isode is a software development company that focuses on Messaging and Directory Software. Since 2002, Isode has developed and supported Commercial off the shelf (COTS) client and server software for secure messaging and directory systems. Their product portfolio includes server and client software for Email Messaging, XMPP Messaging and Directory. Their systems are designed for secure environments, earning them a place in mission-critical solutions for Government, Military, EDI and Civil Aviation customers in over 150 countries.

Isode's products are categorized under Messaging, XMPP, Guards, Directory, PKI Products, HF Radio and APIs. In the Messaging category, products such as the X.400 Message Switch and Store, SMTP Message Switch and POP-IMAP Message Store feature. Along with this, there's the SMTP/X.400 Gateway and Military Messaging Client for Constrained Network Messaging.

In XMPP, they offer the XMPP Server, XMPP/IRC Gateway and Constrained Network XMPP. The XMPP Client is another product under this category. Furthermore, Guards are offered to protect XMPP boundaries and XML data.

For the Directory service, Isode provides LDAP/X.500 Directory and Data Synchronisation. Additional and supporting services are also offered under PKI Products.

In terms of HF Radio, there are a handful of solutions provided by Isode. The STANAG 5066 Server, Performance Enhancing Proxy, Communication Chain Monitoring and Multiple HF Network Mobility all aim to enhance radio communications.

Isode's software offerings extend to APIs including the X.400 Gateway API, X.400 Client API, HF Circuit Management API, Harrier MMHS API, SOM Client API, XMPP Client Library and Directory Client API.

Isode is not limited to military markets, it also has software products designed to cater to civil aviation. These include the AMHS Messaging, ATN Directory and most notably the EDI Government Directory. Moreover, in ensuring its users get the most out of their products, it also offers support services. These services range from assistance with getting help, information on supported releases and platforms, through to secure messaging software.

In conclusion, Isode firmly positions itself as a key player in the secure messaging and directory software category. Its broad range of product offerings combined with their reputable customer base signifies their reliability and commitment to delivering effective communication solutions. Their continued focus on creating software for secure environments underpins their mission to provide mission-critical solutions to a diverse array of markets.