provides server products for directory and military messaging solutions. Their products help support security levels, digital signatures, message tracking and precedence handling. Their array of products are used for formal military messaging, instant messaging, gateway protection and data synchronization

About the company

Isode is an international anti-spam protection and messaging software service provider developed to offer directory server software solutions in industries where stability, security and scalability are key requirements. It spreads across 50 countries and has clients in small industries, medium enterprises, large companies and corporations. They have a software security coding and development team involved in product road mapping and virus definition updating.

Isode implements its synchronization functions through the sodium synchronization software that enable direct synchronization between databases and directory servers.  The tool helps in data transformation, merging and correlation. It has options for a wide range of functions including sync configuration and scheduling, data mapping and transformation, data synchronization workflow and wide data format support.

The company offers instant messaging services through M-link, an instant messaging server that is based on XMPP standards.  This software is used to provide specialist deployments in areas where security and reliability are needed. It provides optimizations for links with low bandwidth and offers authentication support.