Hexamail offers email software products including intelligent security monitors, anti-spam, antivirus, mail server and archiving solutions. They develop and sell a range of products for protection of email environments, intelligent archiving and messaging solutions.

About the company

Hexamail is a private company which develops support software for internet and intranet security. Initially founded in the UK, this company has grown to offer its products to global customers ranging from large corporations to SMEs, charities and ISPs. It uses the internet as its support and distribution mechanism allowing it to minimize costs for marketing, sales and distribution.

Hexamail offers specialist products such as Hexamail guard, server, vault and nexus protection as well as News2Web and Pop3 downloader. The Hexamail guard offers server-based antivirus and anti-spam protection for SMTP and exchange mail servers. Hexamail vault provides automated and centralized email archiving solutions with full expend compression and indexing features.

Hexamail Pop3 downloader is an IMAP connector for integrating external email accounts with the user’s mail server. Hexamail server, on the other hand, is a complete email server with server folders, IMAP, webmail, contacts and calendaring. Hexamail nexus provides an intelligent email routing and processing platform and performs scanning actions on emails when they arrive. Hexamail News2Web publishes RSS feeds onto the website and helps keep it fresh for SEO ranking purposes.