Hexamail is a company that specializes in offering high performance email solutions. Its range of products includes Hexamail Guard, Hexamail POP3 Downloader, Hexamail Flow, Hexamail Nexus, Hexamail Vault, and Hexamail Server. These products are specifically designed to cater to unique business needs by ensuring secure email use, improving communication efficiency, and enhancing overall productivity.

Hexamail Guard is an on-premises server spam and virus protection service which aims to secure businesses and protect their users. It focuses on effectively eliminating any threats that could compromise email security.

In order to automate and simplify email processing, Hexamail provides the POP3 Downloader. This solution seamlessly integrates external POP3 and IMAP accounts into a user's server. It emphasizes on creating a harmonious integration to streamline the email management process.

For businesses looking to enhance productivity through streamlined email workflows, Hexamail offers a product called Hexamail Flow. This intelligent email client integrates email, calendar, tasks, and contacts for better organization and ease of use.

Hexamail Nexus is designed to streamline processing with email automation. This intelligent modular on-premises email processing platform seeks to remove the hassle out of managing large volumes of emails and create a more efficient system.

When it comes to compliance management, Hexamail offers a unique solution with Hexamail Vault. This on-premises email archiving solution provides effortless archiving and compliance management, complete with a full-text index for easy navigation.

Last but not least, Hexamail Server offers a robust and scalable email server solution. Suitable for efficient communication and reliable delivery, it targets businesses that require an email solution that can scale with their growth.

The brand is trusted by over 200,000 users worldwide due to its flexibility, secure open standards, and high scalability. Hexamail uses advanced technologies such as multiplexing, multithreading, parallel processing, and native C++ programming to ensure optimal performance and scalability. This enables the platform to process hundreds of emails per second, thus proving the company's commitment to offering efficient and reliable email solutions.