Symantec Corporation is an American security company that offers anti-spam protection and data backup solutions. It provides various technologies for security response including spam intelligence, online risk control and virus definitions and updates

About the company was founded on 1st march 1983 as a computer software company in the US. Its initial mission was to offer protection against the then high levels of security breaches. It offers a wide range of products including Norton Anti-virus. Norton 360, Norton One, enterprise vault, Symantec ghost, Norton DS, Symantec endpoint protection and Norton internet security. Today, it has extended its security protection services to include cloud hosting solutions, virtualization, mobile security and industry solutions.

The Symantec anti-spam protection uses automated virtual tools to secure the user’s mail against spam and malware attacks as well as unauthorized access. Its virtual bots monitor the access routes for mails to ensure that only genuine users and authorized access protocols to pass through. They continually update their malware and spam detection techniques to compete against growing internet security threats.

Symantec offers worldwide services in over 10 languages. With the recent growth of the online internet shopping industry, the company has also developed products for financial protection including endpoint management. Backup and recovery, storage and clustering, and access control. Its mail protection services also include password protection and anti-hacking protection for high security mails.