Founded in 1998, the company provides an array of web services, including anti-spam CAPTCHA web form protection and pre-designed forms. Furthermore, it delivers private virtual server solutions, coming with comprehensive admin support. Their product portfolio caters to a diverse set of needs for today's digital environment.

The company offers web forms equipped with CAPTCHA functionality that enhances the security aspect of their digital platforms. This feature effectively curtails spam, ensuring an added layer of protection. This offering appeals to clients searching for strategies to combat spam and keep their digital spaces safe and secure.

Along with CAPTCHA-enabled web forms, they also maintain a human-edited web directory. The detail of this feature is not fully outlined in the provided content, however, it suggests a directory that has undergone stringent checks to maintain quality and reliability, an element that could prove useful for those seeking reliable web resources.

On the service front, the clients can reach out to the company regarding various products like CAPTCHA forms, private servers, hosting services, or the web directory. Customer interaction appears to be handled effectively, channeling everything from registration, log-in, to consulting services in an organized manner.

The company presents two versions of its key product, namely - BasicCaptcha and ProCaptcha. BasicCaptcha, a complimentary service, offers convenient form processing and form samples for users. It supports integration with any type of HTML form, offering multiplicity of usage on webpages. The only obligation tied to this free service is the maintenance of a live link pointing to the company's website. However, the BasicCaptcha has its limitations, particularly in terms of data encryption and restricted emailing to one address only.

ProCaptcha, on the other hand, presents a more secure and reliable solution. Again, the specifics of this product are not fully disclosed in the content but it seems clear that it is the advanced option, perhaps targeting businesses and websites where security and reliable form submission are of paramount importance.

Overall, this company offers practical solutions designed for modern web management. Their services seem to aim at easing the technical burden for a variety of online platforms and strengthening their security measures.