Kaspersky is a multinational security company that offers a wide range of computer protection services and IT security solutions for businesses and home applications.

About the company

Kaspersky was founded in 1997 in Moscow, Russia by Eugene and Natalia Kaspersky to offer threat elimination and content security. It provides mail spam elimination services to over 300 million users worldwide, including private and corporate clients. To implement this service, the company offers a product called Kaspersky Internet Security Multi-device, which can be used for PCs, Android smartphones, Macs and tablets.

The product is sold in both single user and multi-user packets with options for one year, two-year and three-year protection. It is customized for device protection while supporting usability and performance. Their investment in technology helps come up with software applications that can be accepted by various devices without slowing down other applications losing its display properties.

The Kaspersky real time protection against internet threats scans all applications automatically when the user opens a file or downloads them on the web. Potential threats are also monitored and analysed continuously to block or eliminate any possible threats. New premium anti-spam protection form Kaspersky includes blocking and tracking features for smartphones when they get lost.