Marketing for Spam block Websites

Email is a powerful business tool because it allows you to stay in touch with business associates and clients, and discuss issues in real time without having to spend any time on the telephone. But, like anything else that reaches millions of people on the Internet such as a popular search engine or web directory, some marketing companies have found a way to make email less convenient than it really should be.

These marketing companies send out what is called spam email to millions of addresses in the hopes that one or two people will purchase something from the advertisement. Spam email is unsolicited, and in some cases it can carry harmful computer viruses that are launched if you open the email. The best way to protect yourself is to get a good spam block on your email service.

Many Internet hosts that offer email services to their clients also offer powerful spam blocking services that can help to keep out any unwanted or potentially dangerous email messages. In many cases this spam blocking service is included with the email service, and is automatically in effect from the moment you use your email.

Ask your host about their spam blocking services, and make sure that your company is protected from unwanted emails.

In addition to that, besides the fact that everybody who has an email account is in danger of being infected with certain viruses sent using spam emails, the spam block software is also efficient when it comes to other unwanted messages that aim to harm or bother such as the instant messages you receive on chatting programs. Basically, these messages are used in order to increase the popularity of a site or business in a cheap and easy way. Nowadays, spam block is a very important matter because if there is a virus in a large company such as a bank that deals with personal data and it steals information, important loss of money can be recorded.

Moreover, if a customer whose data has been used in other purposes than the ones mentioned when he agreeded to sign a contract with that particular bank has the right to open a trial against that company and he can put in a claim for damages due to the fact that his personal information was used without his consent. To sum up, if you are looking for a good spam block software or filter that does not do mistakes such as classifying as spam some of the important messages, can give you links from companies that create and distribute such softwares. This way, both you and your computer will be safe from any virus and potential threats such as spam emails.

One of the problems with blocking spam emails is that sometimes important emails can be misinterpreted as spam and blocked from your company inbox. For example, if your company signs up for a technical support service then it is possible that the email confirming your account could be blocked as spam.

This is because many confirmation emails are automatically generated by addresses that give the appearance of spam addresses to a filter, and the filter blocks them out. Find out from your hosting service if there is a way to prevent certain addresses from being blocked out so that you do not miss out on important emails.


  • EmailOnDeck
    Provides a temporary email address to receive and QA emails. Their product intends to assist in protecting online identities from known spammers and advertisers. Temporary email recovery is also available.

  • Hexamail
    Offers intelligent email software products such as scalable compressed storage, email archiving solution, SSL support, anti-spam and antivirus. Also supports routing, readdressing, alerting and reporting.

  • Isode
    Offers core server products for directory solution and military products. Includes formal military messaging, instant messaging, gateways and data synchronization.

  • Kaspersky Mail Blocker
    Stops viruses and mail spams. Offers IT security for home applications and businesses, including computer protection, internet security and spyware control.

  • No Spam Mail Protection
    A hosted anti-spam service which takes all emails coming into your company network before it reaches its destination and scans it for spam and viruses. Email backing up is guaranteed as well.

  • SnapHost
    Provides a wide range of free and paid services for website owners. Their products are intended to block content spammers, protect online forms, sell products and services and more.

  • Symantec Corporation
    Offers protective products for backup, code signing, control compliance suit, encryption, endpoint protection, user authentication and more. Also offers safe site software, service desk assistance and risk automation suites.