BruceClay is a Search Engine Optimization (SEO) agency that offers multiple services including SEO consulting, online SEO training, and Pay-Per-Click (PPC) services. The company boasts a legacy dating back to 1996 in the field of search engine optimization and is highly regarded in the industry. The founder, Bruce Clay, is often referred to as the father of search engine optimization.

This established SEO agency has a broad global reach with offices in several locations worldwide. They specialize in technical SEO consulting services which follow ethical practices. Their team is well-experienced with SEO analysts averaging over 10 years of experience. Basing on this factor, they promise to help enhance website traffic levels effectively.

BruceClay serves a wide range of clients, from local or mid-level businesses to large-scale enterprise organizations. Their services aim to solve an array of SEO challenges. These include issues such as a decline in search traffic, plans for a complete site redesign, or the need for increased website traffic and revenue.

In addition to their consulting services, BruceClay offers a range of other SEO-related services. They provide online SEO training programs geared towards `creating SEO experts. They also offer SEM/PPC ad management, along with an SEO tools suite as part of their client offerings. They also have a guide on how to perform SEO for those looking to self-educate.

Another branch of their services is content development and social media advertising. This indicates that their expertise goes beyond just search engine optimization and includes a holistic approach to digital marketing. This is essential in an age where content is king and social media plays an integral role in connecting brands with customers.

Verdict: BruceClay is a veteran SEO agency that offers a range of services focused on improving search engine visibility, website traffic, and overall digital marketing efforts. Their global presence, combined with their technical expertise and wide range of services, makes them a comprehensive solution to SEO and digital marketing needs.