Search Engine Roundtable is a platform dedicated to providing updates and insights about the search marketing community. On September 28, 2023, it reported on the completion of Google's September 2023 helpful content update. Starting from September 14, it took approximately two weeks for the update to fully roll out. This exercise aimed at SEO-first content, a factor that has caused notable stir within the SEO community.

Furthermore, Search Engine Roundtable offers daily recaps of the developments within search forums. On September 28, 2023, Barry Schwartz, an author on the platform, provided an overview of the day's happenings. This daily summary service aims to keep its readers informed about the current issues and trends concerning the search forums.

The platform is also instrumental in sharing information about Microsoft Advertising. In a recent post, Schwartz pointed out the company's trials with hidden search advertisements on Bing search. A few months prior, he reported the difficulties, even for trained Search Engine Marketers, in spotting ad labels on Microsoft Advertising's search ads on Bing. This shift towards making advertising less conspicuous raises questions about transparency and user experience.

Recently, Google Ads has been covered by Search Engine Roundtable, with the announcement of the addition of share alerts with expiration dates to the account alerts section. The new feature allows users to not only set up alerts sent to specific email addresses but also to specify when these alerts should expire. This is a practical feature for those who want to share alerts for a specific period.

Verdict: Search Engine Roundtable proves to be a resourceful platform for those interested in the dynamic field of search marketing, providing daily news, updates and industry insights. Their coverage spans an array of topics from Google updates to changes within Microsoft Advertising, providing a well-rounded perspective of the overall search marketing field.