Hill Web Creations or Hill Web Marketing is a website dedicated to helping you learn how to optimize your website or blog on the internet. Anyone who establishes a website wants it to be known and recognized by his or her intended audience. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is one of the most powerful methods, if not the most powerful method for achieving this goal. Hill Web Marketing is meant to help you learn all that there is to know about SEO so that your website or blog can thrive and be fruitful online. If this sounds like a website you'll be interested in visiting, here is what should look forward to.

The User Interface

The user interface of the website is very simple. It is beginning to be a trend today for people to include some contact information either before or right after the main navigation. This is also true for this site. There is some contact information at the top left of the home page, right before the main navigation. There are also some links to social networks on the top right of the homepage. As you"ve already figured out, the next thing that follows is the main menu. After the main menu, we have the main content of the page. Ultimately, we have the footer of the page, which contains links to other useful SEO related pages and the page ends with more contact information.

The main menu of the site contains six links. I'll only discourse the first four links. The last two (Blog and Contact) are self-explanatory.

The first link is "AdWords". Actually, it's Google AdWords. AdWords is how Google essentially makes money as a search engine. I will not go into details about how that is done because this article isn't necessarily about that. If you want more details about AdWords, click that link on Hill Web Marketing and you'll learn all that there is to know about Google AdWords. I must say that that understanding how AdWords works is crucial for your website or blog. If by any chance you are also interested in affiliate marketing, the knowledge of the tricks of AdWords will prove invaluable. Under the AdWords link, is a submenu listing various areas of AdWords. Explore the link to discard your ignorance regarding AdWords.

The "Local Search" link regards Minneapolis MN since that is the hometown of the individual behind the website. By the way, the URL of the website is hillwebcreations.com. Hill Web Marketing is just another term for the website. The owner of the website should have stuck with one name because it is a bit confusing. But now you won't be. The "Local Search" link will take you to an article entitled; Minneapolis Search Engine Marketing and SEO for Businesses. It is a long article. So be prepared to engage it if it sounds juicy to you.

The 'sEO Audits" menu item has various submenus related to the same. For this link to make sense to you, you should first visit the "What is SEO" link; that is if you are not familiar with SEO. If you already know what SEO is, then you can just go ahead and learn about SEO Audits and gauge how effective your SEO strategies are.

The images used on the site are perfect since they reinforce the messages being suggested by the website. The use of images on websites is a good way of making them more interesting and engaging to users. That was a good web design strategy. The website is also responsive, which means it's content shifts and rearranges itself depending on the device being used to access the site. That means the web designers of the site considered the modern web design standards.


I was recently surprised to learn that even Google's algorithm gives precedence to websites with lengthy content, provided the content is relevant. It makes sense but in my experience, websites that contain too much or lengthy content can be exhausting to browse. You scroll down and down and down while learning stuff. I admit that if a website has quality content, it may be all that you need. However, more often than not, you'll want to visit a few sites for the sake of diversity and credibility.


Hill Web Marketing is a very informative website as far as SEO is concerned. It is easy to navigate and find whatever one is looking for.

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