Being unfairly penalised by Google on several occasions on various websites resulted in a substantial negative impact on the health of the online businesses of Patrice Krysztofiak, the websites' owner. Out of his frustration, disappointment and anguish, as well as the understanding that so many other site owners must be experiencing the same thing, Mr. Krysztofiak launched the website, Site Penalisé, which for the moment serves French speaking online businesses.

Site Penalisé is not only a place to express opinions about what is happening in the SEO (search engine optimisation) world, it is also a venue for Mr. Krysztofiak to help others (including other SEO companies) find out what Google is up to, to read about why certain characteristics on sites are being penalised and to discover other important information related to surviving "Google law." This is tricky because a law Google might be enforcing on websites may be perfectly acceptable one year but then the next year (or at some later point in time), the opposite of that same law might be de rigueur. Having successful online businesses depends on the strength of the websites' Google position and unfortunately, being found on Google can be extremely complicated. Many website owners can not keep up on all the details of what is necessary for their sites and have nowhere to turn for help and further information about how to recover when their websites are suddenly no where to be found on Google and other search engines. However, now they have Site Penalisé and can find refuge there. It offers essential guidance in the form of anecdotal findings, relevant discussion, current changes to rules, helpful tips, hints and theories--but most importantly, whether you're a site owner of an independent business or large multinational firm, Site Penalisé operates as a safe place to find community within a very specific sort of activity: improving your position on Google.

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23 rue des ailleres,

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Phone: +33 0972139536