Kaspersky offers computer anti-virus protection services for home and business applications. It addresses modern security threats by providing a wide range of products to protect against multiple types of security issues.

About the company

Kaspersky was founded by Eugene Kaspersky in 1997 to address security threats for computers and internet applications. The company consists of a team of IT threat analysts who continuously come up with new protection techniques against a vast array of threats ranging from viruses to human hackers. They offer line of products for home based users including Kaspersky anti-virus, Kaspersky internet security and Kaspersky mobile security. https://usa.kaspersky.com/  is the official provider of AVZ antiviral toolkit, mac Kaspersky antivirus and Kaspersky KryptoStorage.

It also offers various security applications designed for businesses including small business, large enterprises and corporations; including file servers, mail servers, protective workstations, internet gateways and mobile servers. Their business applications can be managed via a centralized administration kit.

The recent releases of Kaspersky anti-virus kits are configured to suite multi-core applications and Windows 8. They also have a Kaspersky endpoint security for businesses that delivers several technologies and tools to help companies control their endpoint devices. Their Total Level Security offers comprehended protection for computer local area networks as well as the antiviruses, web, collaboration servers and mail.