Avast is an anti-virus program from AVAST Software a.s, which is available for Linux users, Microsoft Windows, Windows Server Edition, Android and Mac OS X. It has a user interface in 41 languages.

About the company

AVAST was founded about 25 years ago to shield users against the growing rates of insecurity by eliminating and blocking viruses. The antivirus includes a variety of features to enhance its operations. It has a voiceover application notify users of any event happening with the program including detection of threats, blocking and elimination.

The anti-virus kernel is based on certified antivirus engines. Its resident protection comprises of individual shields, each of which can be configured or disabled individually. It offers a file system shield to provide real-time protection against malware threats and viruses. This shield scans files whenever they run on the user’s computer so as to keep viruses and malwares from executing.

Avast also offers a variety of network-based protections including mail shield, web shield, P2P shield, instant messaging shield, Script shield,  Network shield and behaviour shield. These help protect against malware threats on downloads, emails, webpages and other network threats. New releases include a data shredder to enhance permanent data erasure for military grade protection. They also allow users to customize the voiceover played.