Norton offers malware removal and threat protection during a subscription period by using heuristics and signatures to identify viruses. It offers products as a box-copy, OEM software or downloads.

About the company

Norton was initially released in 1991 by Symantec Corporation. It is suitable for various Operating Systems including Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X and Linux. The company provides a vast array of products including Norton 360, internet security, antivirus, 360 multi-device, online backup, utilities, mobile security, family premier and Norton Zone.

There are four major product categories for Norton products, including security and antivirus, backup and recovery, web security and encryption. The company also offers associated solutions and technologies including cloud computing, disaster recovery, virtualization, website security and email archiving.

Instead of buying new anti-virus products every time a new Norton version is released, users can upgrade their versions and increase their subscription online. The current anti-virus products have deep inspection technologies for confirming whether a program is truly malicious before taking any action. The Norton insight provide users with information about the origin, performance, activities and reputation data of certain programs to help them decide on the action to be done on controversial programs.