Sosemo is an award-winning strategic media planning, buying, and campaign management agency based in New York, NY. It places a strong emphasis on digital marketing landscape, using tools such as search marketing (SEM/SEO), social media, display, and programmatic to elevate brand awareness and increase acquisitions for clients. The agency operates with a commitment to social responsibility, making clear efforts to give back to the community.

The agency is composed of two distinct divisions, Sosemo Media and Sosemo Health. Both divisions work hand in hand, aiming to establish a resonating foothold in the digital marketing industry. The division of the team makes Sosemo a versatile agency with a broad spectrum in the marketing industry.

Sosemo Media takes on a broader marketing approach, leveraging core digital channels to reach a diverse audience. The Sosemo Health division, on the other hand, puts more emphasis on marketing health brands, specifically to patients and doctors. They view marketing as a vital service that links patients with important information about their treatments, serving to enhance their communication skills with their healthcare providers.

Furthermore, Sosemo takes pride in being one of the largest pharma-focused performance media groups globally. This indicates their significant contributions and focus on the healthcare marketing industry. It showcases the breadth and depth of their marketing strategies, specializing in connecting patients with vital health-related information.

Sosemo stands for Social, Search, and Mobile and operates on a fundamental premise that combines these three significant factors. This premise indicates their modern approach to marketing, acknowledging the importance and influence of social, search, and mobile platforms in today's digital marketing landscape.

In conclusion, Sosemo is a versatile and socially responsible agency. Their commitment to using digital channels to increase brand awareness, comprehensive strategic media planning, buying, and campaign management make them a notable agency in the digital marketing space. Additionally, specialized focus in healthcare marketing makes them a unique player in the industry.

Business address

113 Sullivan St, Apt. 2ABF,
New York,
New York
United States

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Phone: 4802274625