Bing is a search engine that provides categorized results for different fields of life including social, economic, geographic and political environments. It brings instant answers for sports, conversion of units, mathematics calculations, dictionary, advanced computation, health information, product shopping, translation and flight tracking

About the company

Bing was founded in 1998 as MSN, consisting of a search engine, web crawler and index. Over the years, it has advanced to support multimedia searches and other modern applications. It offers search results to other engine portals through the Bing bar. It supports three column displays, with a normal search column, snapshot and sidebar columns. The first column, normally displays traditional results for searches while the snapshot allows performing actions such as getting directions and making purchases. The sidebar offers data from social media platforms including twitter and Facebook.

Bing users always experience daily-changing background images featuring places, people, sports and animals. Information is provided regarding such images is normally displayed on the side. Bing also has a video home page for browsers that are HTML5 enabled on occasional images just as in daily background images. The images show the daily picture and for search results referring to that image. Bing also provides sub links on search results. The right side of the platform shows bigger view of page results and gives URLs to the links inside that page. For most corporate and online business sites, Bing displays customer service numbers and searches within the website.