WePay is a United States-based payment service provider whose API focuses on platform businesses such as small business software and market places. It allows such platforms to process credit cards and access its payment capabilities. Through this service provider, financial institutions can acquire merchant accounts and authorize debit purchase or credit card transfers.
About the company
WePay was founded in 2008 in Massachusetts, after which it spread through out the entire United States. It gives users an opportunity to get signed up back doors through API calls. It works directly with small businesses supporting their online financial applications. To provide personalized services, WePay supports split payments, subscription billing, SDKs and online personalized documentation. It seeks to address complexities of payments by investing in technology banking to facilitate quick money transfers. They offer a mobile invoicing platform known as InvoiceASAP where customers can get paid by conducting quick transactions over their mobile phones. This is an essential platform for service providers on the move such as caterers, plumbers and contractors who need a pocket invoicing tool.
WePay works with a private network called the Card Association which facilitates settlements and transactions between acquiring and issuing banks of the involved parties. It accepts the four major payment methods including MasterCard, Visa, Discover and AmEx cards.