is a comprehensive payment processing platform that provides users with the ability to accept and manage payments in various formats. It offers solutions for online payments, brick-and-mortar retail locations, and mobile payments. The platform is designed to streamline the processing of payments made manually, on a website, or through a mobile app.

Through the platform, users can connect a compatible card reader to their computer to conveniently process payments in person. also supports eCheck payments, allowing businesses to accept electronic check payments from their customers. Furthermore, for businesses that often deal with manual orders, the Virtual Terminal feature ensures quick and secure transactions.

In addition to processing payments, the platform includes tools for monthly billing, catering to users' ongoing billing needs. It simplifies the management of regular customers or membership fees, making it a versatile tool for a wide range of businesses. also proves to be valuable in educating its users about the payment process. It features a comprehensive resource section, offering insights into the functioning of payments and the credit card processing cycle. With the intent to support its users in establishing successful online businesses, it offers an eCommerce guide that explains the fundamental components of a prosperous online store.

The platform maintains a blog that provides tips for managing a business, information about support services, and testimonials of customer success stories. It values partnerships and promotes collaborations, encouraging users to become partners and earn commissions by selling's products or creating integrated solutions using its features. offers a detailed pricing structure, displayed on their website, that accommodates the diverse needs of its clientele. Merchants and partners are allowed access to various options that cater to their specific needs. All these features combined make an effective and versatile solution for businesses seeking a comprehensive payment processing platform.