is an online payment gateway that allows merchants to accept electronic check and credit card payments through their websites over internet protocol (IP). With a client base of over 375,000 merchants, the service provider offers a platform for transactions in various countries around the world.

About the company was founded by Jeff Knowles in 1996 as a platform to connect websites with credit card processors. It forms part of Cyber Source corporation, a subsidiary of Visa (NYSE: V). The site facilitates the acceptance of payments over the internet for e-commerce transactions. It manages submissions of transactions on behalf of online customers. The site also enables merchants to manage, authorize, settle and check transactions electronically via mail order centres, mobile devices and call centres. provides risk management services to enable businesses mitigate their business risks and reduce costs to maximize their revenue. Their services are sold through several reseller partners including merchant service providers, independent sales organizations and financial institutions.

The company encompasses various industries including communication, information, religion, sports gourmet foods among others. It supports various methods of linking merchant websites to the payment gateway including both bank connections and third-party POS solutions.