The Web is forever changing local and international business. Fewer and fewer people are relying upon cash to complete transactions, because credit and debit cards are so much more trustworthy. Therefore, every successful business needs the ability to process electronic payments or drown in a sea of competition. Fortunately, a PayAnywhere Storefront gives businesses of all sizes the ability to take credit and debit card payments and it's free for most of them. 

Why is a POS Important

Anyone in the retail sector needs the ability to process credit and debit card payments. The market is more competitive than ever and the ability to process all available payment methods can mean the difference between failure and success. There's also a push from the government and financial institutions to replace physical currency.

Paper money is expensive to print, and companies save money when they pay their employees with debit cards instead of pay checks. Credit and debit cards are being accepted in more places, and cards are more secure than cash. Cards also make it easier for the consumers to track their spending habits, and track their transactions. The question isn't does your company need a POS it's which POS system is best for you. 

Why is PayAnywhere Storefront Better 

One factor that makes PayAnywhere better than other POS systems is the offer of free service. If you complete $5,000 or more in CC transactions, it's free. If not, you simply pay a small, $12.95 monthly basic fee along with a $79.00/year software licensing fee. Best of all, the rates charged for each transaction are easily calculated. 

-American Express flat rate:

-Flat rate: 1.69% for MasterCard, Visa,Discover swiped transactions

-Mid-qualified rate: 2.69% for MasterCard, Visa, Discover commercial, business and rewards swiped transactions

-Non-qualified rates: 3.69%+$0.19 for MC, Discover, Visa,Amex keyed transactions

This innovative POS system is even available with an optional receipt printer for a mere $14.95/month. There's also an available cash drawer with the printer for $5/month more. Merchants can also email receipts to customers via the PayAnywhere App. Of course, a brand new merchant account is required to take advantage of this offer, which is the best option for most retailers and local restaurants. 

Get Paid Faster

Next day funding is offered for sales transacted prior to 5pm EST, so there's little waiting to get paid. The biggest motive to invest in this POS system over others is the free Apple iPad. This 10" tablet is included with a stand and card reader, which makes swiping easy. The tablet can also be used independently of the stand for research and gaming after hours. This is the ideal POS for the technically savvy and those who struggle with technology. Live technical support is just a phone call away day or night. There is also the option of email and online chatting to assist with any issue. Retailers also have the option of tracking each transaction to see which items are selling the best so taking inventory becomes easier. 

From faster payment processing, to superior technical support, to free equipment, it's easy to see which POS system is best. Technology poses certain issues for small businesses, but this POS system offers viable solutions.