EMarketer is an organization that provides ad agencies, media companies and major brands information-research-insights and benchmarks-that supports informed decision-making about being more effective in the business world.

The website communicates information effectively by using large fonts in all its pages. The navigation panel is simple and direct while the important information is strategically positioned at the homepage's top to grab the reader's attention.

The dull colors may fail to excite the reader as much as bright ones would. Upon loading the website, a pop-up form appears, and this can momentarily turn off the visitor.

We can describe the website as a digital marketing platform that gives businesses insights on spontaneous internet marketing tips.

It covers a range of relative online marketing strategies including marketing technology, video advertising, social media, display advertisements, mobile usage and commerce, Hispanics, and real-time marketing. Each topic is discussed at length through sub-topics, with examples of real-life situations arising.

Experts take their time to analyze these scenarios and provide the online community with researched reports on the same.